To dive in to Nature

This week’s Evasões Magazine highlights the Douro River as a Winter destination. Fortunately, the article covers the whole course of the river, from Foz, near Porto, to the International Douro, near the border with Spain.

Evasões was also here at Quinta da Bouça and we greatly appreciate the way they described this area we are in, which is so particular:

The river does not begin or ends around Pinhão. It has 210 km of water stream in the Portuguese territory (…), among them there are kilometers and kilometers of shores, lands and landscapes that continue to be a kind of gray cloud in tourist terms. (…) [This is] A greener Douro, less magnificent, but that does not deserve to be regarded as a mere transit area for the touristic boats towards the Douro Vineyard.

It’s worth reading all the itineraries described in the article – to visit and to be lodged “in the middle of the Douro” it is not that obscure smile

evasoes 09 12 2016

“There’s (not) only one Douro”

evasoes 09 12 2016

“Green Douro”


What about Quinta da Bouça? Of course, with pride, we also leave here the key ideas:

Those who come here love to dive into nature – real dives in the three private pools are reserved for the Summer. Those coming enjoy the mountains – the Quinta is surrounded by the mountains of Montemuro, Aboboreira and Montedeiras. Those who come like horses – there is a horse field with Garranos horses apt to trot. Those coming enjoy hiking – there are many walking routes along the 16 hectars.

evasões magazine 09-12-2016 winter time in douro evasões magazine 09-12-2016 winter time in douro