Frequently Asked Questions

We are really in need of a peaceful vacation. Are the swimming pools private?

Yes, each pool is private! When booking with us, you are reserving only for you the entire house, the surrounding garden and the swimming pool. You will surely enjoy a private and peaceful environment during your vacation!

Taking into account the current context, is it really necessary to pay an advance to confirm the reservation?

Yes, we ask for the advanced payment of 50% of the total value for the reservation to confirm. Starting from this commitment, we are more capable of facing the difficulties that the current context also brings to small family businesses such as ours.

Everything is so uncertain with the pandemic. What if I have to cancel because of Governments’ measures?

We understand that very well, so we will refund the 50% you already advanced if you cancel up to 14 days before the check-in day (even in high season).

What if the cancellation is last minute?

All may not be lost. That is, with some flexibility and common sense, we are available to find an alternative solution, such as rescheduling your reservation (according to the availability of our calendars).

What has chaged at Quinta da Bouça because of COVID-19?

We prepared our Contingency Plan for the current situation, extended the time interval between entrances and exits, in addition to reinforcing the requirement for hygiene procedures, we offer on arrival a kit with masks and disinfectant gel, we reorganized the cleaning scheme during stays, we comply with the respiratory etiquette, physical distance and the use of masks when interacting with guests.

Essentially, for you, it remains the same unique experience! We are fortunate to be able to offer you the ideal environment in the current situation: a location where there are no gatherings, a house set in Nature on a large property, the use of private pools – all elements for a safe holiday!

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So many orange and lemon trees … Do you have oranges and lemons all year round?

Lemons, yes! Closer to Autumn a bit less, but we do pick lemons during all year! Most of our orange trees bloom in the Spring time. Actually, during the entire year, on the same tree there are oranges already orange colored and, at the same time, still green … It is a curious phenomenon that also happens with lemon trees. We pick the most juicy and sweet oranges in the Winter time. But some orange trees are of a later variety and it is also possible to have some fairly good orange in the Summer.

Electronic tolls – we are a bit confused… How does it work? 

The electronic only tolls is a quite unique system. If you are on a roadtrip with your own foreign car coming from abroad or if you rented a car registered outside of Portugal, you should learn more about the Portuguese electronic only tolls – read this!

For how long are your holiday villas available to rent?

In the Spring of 2013 we began to host the first guests only at Casa da Raposeira. Meanwhile, the recovery works for the other villas began, and from the Summer of 2014, we also have available Casas da Eira, Casa do Sobreiro and Casa da Oliveira. See also our About page and everything about our Villas.

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It would be great to bring our dog/cat. Can we?

Yes, pets are welcome. However, for the safety of everyone, starting on your pet itself, you can only bring it to Casa da Raposeira. This villa has a large fenced garden where he (or she) will have lots of fun!

All the other houses have their own private garden too, but they are open to the whole 16 hectares of the property. Specially dogs, they could find a way of escaping

What is the difference between “ObrigadO” and “ObrigadA”?

We have many foreign guests staying at Quinta da Bouça. This question about the Portuguese language is made very often! And the answer is simple: “ObrigadO” should be said by male speakers “ObrigadA” shoud be said by female speakers. smile

We love hiking. What are the hiking routes you recommend?

To this question we have too many answers! Fortunately, around us there are many footpaths for hiking that are well worth.
Using the opinion and experience of our guests, we highlight the PR2 of Cinfães (Bestança Valley) and PR1 of Marco de Canaveses (Soalhães).
[We’ll be highlighting this topic in our blog, stay tuned]

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When is the grape harvest season at Quinta da Bouça?

Usualy the harvest is done in the second half of September. With not that many vineards, our harvest lasts no more than two days … That is, we harvest the grapes in one day. Everything else is handled in the following days until the washing of the baskets, of course.
Our wine production is modest but the harvest involves us all. And when there are guests present, that is a bonus for everyone!
Check more activities and descriptions about the Farm Life in our blog smile

Since we’re staying for a longer period, we decided to spend a day at Porto. Mosteirô Station is less than 10 min. away. Is it better to go there by train or car?

To not go by car can become very practical when arriving in Porto! The Douro rail line takes you to the very center of the city, to the beautiful station of S. Bento. Here, you can visit on foot around the historic city center and it is also easy to find tourist transports (such as Hop-On Hop-Off buses).
However, there are guests who prefer to be free of schedules and visit Porto by car. After all, it’s only one hour driving.