About us

We are a family project, as we are the owners and the hosts.

We enjoy ourselves this exceptional place of Quinta da Bouça throughout the year – part of the family chose to live in Paços de Gaiolo and another part comes by here whenever they can.

After acquiring 16 hectares of orchards, woods, forest and homes in ruins, we decided to take the necessary step to bring new guests to Quinta da Bouça.

In 2013, we launched Casa da Raposeira and, since 2014, there’s three more guest houses available – Casa da Eira, Casa do Sobreiro and Casa da Oliveira.

It is with great joy that we see guests arrive, settle in the homes, harvest vegetables from the garden and fruit trees, help pick up pine cones, walk or run on our trails and savor our modest but much appreciated Vinho Verde (“green wine”).

‘Family’, at Quinta da Bouça, extends to our employees, residents in our municipality – a precious team throughout the year.

From seniors to juniors, besides professional and school commitments, each member of the three generations in the family are completely involved in the activities of the Quinta.

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