Spring time is here…

Spring is a time of great changes at Quinta da Bouça.

The first guests for the next long season are on the way, while we take advantage of the Sun for the Spring cleaning, in the guest houses and outside as well.

The vineyards and the apple trees are pruned. The water tanks are being cleaned. In the vegetable garden we already cultivated the onionn, some lettuces, ‘table grapes’ and the stolons of the strawberries are arranged again. Soon, we will renew the aromatics and take care of the orange and lemon trees.

vegetable garden spring 2017

We shall see how the animals behave over the next few weeks. Elvis, the rooster, is fine and well and his chicken partners have given some eggs and the goose now has a new companion.

We hear so many birds now that, hopefully, the ducks will also be inspired this Spring!

rooster spring 2017

In addition to the brightest flowers we always expect, such as camellias, it is worth noting carefully the small wildflowers on the lawns, the bulbs like lilies or agapanthus on the paths edges that are already vigorous, and all the small new buds of flowers, fruits and leaves on the trees and shrubs.

raposeira spring 2017

Let’s enjoy Spring’s arrival.

Next time, we’ll tell you about our Beekeeping project – until then! bigsmile