Foreign cars on Electronic Only Tolls

It is quite common to host guests arriving with their own car, after long journeys from Central Europe, such as France, Belgium or Germany. Others come from Canada or USA but rented their cars in Spain. So all these travelers are entering Portugal with foreign vehicles.

Let’s try to summarize here the essential information for anyone planning their drive through Portuguese roads with a car registered abroad.


1. Eyes open when crossing the border to Portugal

In Portugal there are several types of road networks, interconnected. By using the roads with electronic only tolls (hard to avoid …), the car driver must be prevented with a device that allows the electronic system to recognize the car and its driver’s bank account, in order to be charged to pay the toll.

If you are going to enter Portugal with a car registered in another country, be sure to go through a “Welcome Point” – keep an eye to the signaling on the following roads in the border areas:

North West: A28 – Viana do Castelo;

North: A24 – Chaves;

East: A25 – Vilar Formoso;

South East: A22 – Vila Real de Santo António.

IMPORTANT – Entry by A4 – Quintanilha does not have a “Welcome Point”.

Be sure to find one of the “Welcome Points”, the rest of your trip will be done without thinking over this matter again.


2. EASYToll option

Once the “Welcome Point” is found, the driver passes his Mastercard or Visa card by the terminal, and automatically the card is associated with the car license plate. Toll rates will be directly debited from the driver’s bank account.

This is the most common option for tourists or emigrants.

The EASYToll is valid for 30 days. For any questions or requests to change your data, contact: 707 500 501 or 00 351 79 555 2128 or go to EASYToll Services.


3. TOLLcard option

This option is also suitable for short-term visitors and can only be used in foreign registered cars. It is a good alternative for those who did not pass through the “Welcome Point”.

Each TOLLcard has a different fixed amount (€ 5, € 10, € 20 or € 40) and is activated by sending a SMS. This card is valid for one year and its balance can be found online.

The TOLLcard can be purchased at a CTT station/shop (post office company), on Highway’s service stations or at


4. Is all this really necessary?

Yes, it is really necessary. And there are more options, but passing by a “Welcome Point” or going to a CTT station, you’ll find all the details. There are inspection actions and when risking to travel without any device you may have to pay a fine … The roads with electronic only tolls, spread across the country, are very difficult to avoid.

If you rent a car with a Portuguese license plate, you need to confirm with the rental company: how is the car equipped for “Via Verde” toll lanes and for the eletronic tolls and how will you pay for the tolls you use.


5. To know even more

Be sure to visit the official website: .

The images above were originally shared by and – their texts are also very complete, it is worth reading them.


We hope this will help you plan even better your next road trip in Portugal – Safe travels!