Dawn Chorus International Day

It is celebrated on May 3rd … Here at Quinta da Bouça every day is a day for the “wake up servicewink

As explained on Wilder – rewilding your days website, the birds sing to date and mate, to mark territory, to celebrate the weather and the growth of the days.

To João E. Rabaça, “the morning chorus of birds is one of the most expressive soundscapes of nature.” But why? There may be several reasons. “The birds that make up the morning chorus are diurnal species, as such, it is important that very early with the first daylight notes male birds  signal their territories, because if they do not others will occupy them.” Gonçalo Elias explains that “this is the most quiet part of the day in which the energy required to sing is used more efficiently. There is less environmental noise caused by the wind or insects, for example, and so the sounds of the birds are heard best.”

Continue reading here. The Wilder page is one of our favorites – we’ll return to it more often.