Views, pool and rest

Testimonial and photos from Nicolau-Mateus family’s Summer vacation (4 people and a dog smile )

We did not want to go to the beach but we wanted water; we did not want to go too far but also not too close; it had to be able to take our Isis (our senior dog).

Quinta da Bouça, and particularly Casa da Raposeira, seemed to us the ideal destination, since it responded to all our requirements: it was not on the beach but it had a pool, it was not next to our home but it was at a reasonable distance to travel with two teenagers and a senior dog allowing Isis to spend the holidays with us.

We had never been to the Douro region, and on the first day we realized that we were on a very rich landscape area; from there onwards there were only good and pleasant surprises.

Albufeira da Pala Quinta da Bouça Agroturismo
Sunset at Pala bayou
Some details from Casa da Raposeira

The house, consisting of two living areas (one of them with sofa bed), a compact kitchen, a suite and a bathroom in the common area, has a breathtaking view that we can savor through the windows that run throughout the room; it is decorated in a simple way but with very good taste and has everything we need for a restful holiday. I highlight the care placed in every detail, from the selection of CDs that we can listen to the gastronomic pampering that has been left to us.

Outside, in addition to the private pool of the house that allowed us to refresh on the hottest days, there is a barbecue and a table for pleasant family meals.

Every morning it was with great satisfaction that we enjoyed the fresh bread that was left at the door very early and which we enjoyed stuffed with homemade jams and marmalade; on Sunday, instead of the bread, we tasted the ‘regueifa’ of which we still remember with pleasure and at our meals we tasted the excellent property wine that was left to us the very first day. It is important to note that all our requests have been answered quickly and efficiently and with immense sympathy (and immense care with our privacy!).

Exploring the property…

Quinta da Bouça is a place where we can walk for hours exploring, with each walk, a new nook or detail; our days there were spent between small excursions in the morning (we strongly advise the train ride along the Douro line) and wonderful afternoons in the pool, while jocking around and playing family games. It was a vacation where we could rest, while enjoying each other’s company immensely and we discovered a new favorite place to spend a holiday in a simple, pleasant and, I would say, unique way.