Flashback: Swimming pools [video]

🌧️ In the beginning of 2016, there were massive rains that damaged some of the old walls in the property… and around our region.

🚜 But in March, we decided to go ahead with the decision to build our swimming pools.

🎥 The video shows a fast-forward process that began in March and ended in June, just in time to surprise all guests that booked in advance and to whom we were too afraid to tell they were going to have a pool in the Summer. What if they were not ready? Ah…the stress!

🤪 Meanwhile, believe it or not, we managed to honor all the reservations made in between this period without causing any traumas to our guests. Some traumas to ourselves maybe – to synchronize workers, machines, weather conditions and houses maintenance with satisfied guests…what a task! 😅

🏊 All is well and many people from around the world have experienced the joy of diving and swimming in these special swimming pools.