Douro SUP Expedition

Gonçalo Figueiredo e Samuel Trimble at Casa do Sobreiro, Quinta da Bouça. Oct 10th 2017

Gonçalo Figueiredo and Samuel Trimble started the Douro SUP Expedition on October 1st and stayed overnight here at Quinta da Bouça on the 10th.

We are very happy that we have decided to make this invitation to both them and we are very, very fortunate to have met them personally.

Is there anything better than meeting extraordinary people?

Gonçalo (Portuguese) and Samuel (American) began to paddle down the Douro River in Salto do Castro and will finish at Foz do Douro, in Porto. It’s an incredible physical and mental ordeal! They will cover a total of 358 km of river.

Along the way, there is another mission. Through this adventure, they will capture images and collect testimonials that can reveal the value and potential that this Northern region has. Even with the visibility already reached by the Upper Douro Wine Region, this expedition intends to demonstrate that the river experiences in wild environments are not fully valued or enhanced on such a long and diversified valley as is Douro.

Douro SUP Expedition 10th day , arrival to Cais da Pala.

Douro SUP Expedition 10th day , arrival to Cais da Pala.

This way, Gonçalo begins a campaign named Wild With Purpose, which proposes to show everyone – locals and visitors – how human life and wildlife still have so much to explore; to show that it is possible to decentralize tourist attractions; to show how it is possible to invigorate local life to prevent the population from abandoning its roots.

One can tell how contagious their energy is and why we say that we are fortunate to have met them. What we have been able to offer them means almost nothing if you think of what they are both contributing to with this expedition!

They are very organized and methodical, very grateful for what they have received, they are very determined but also relaxed. They are two extraordinary spirits smile

It was no surprise to hear that they are receiving support from a lot of people all along the way. It is part of the way of being from the Douro region, from the North and Portuguese. Here in Albufeira de Pala, surrounded by different municipalities, they were accommodated with us in Paços de Gaiolo (Marco de Canaveses), they were superbly filmed by Alexandre Pinto, from Mosteirô (Baião) and the transfer on the Carrapatelo dam was done in the jeeps of DELTATUR, a company from Cinfães.

The expedition ends tomorrow in Porto, around 12:00, close to D. Luís bridge. If you can, drop by – they deserve it! bigsmile


Wild With Purpose: youtubefacebook page

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