Travel with Susana Ribeiro: “We just don’t want to leave here”

Susana Ribeiro is the author of Viaje Comigo and was invited to stay at Quinta da Bouça since we both started our projects in 2013! But Susana just doesn’t stop travelling all around the world and we fortunately we were having lots of reservations… Luckily, we hosted Susana this mid Summer, with a bright and hot Sun, at Casa do Sobreiro, and with the new panoramic swimming pool!

When you’re staying at Casa do Sobreiro, you’ll feel that this is one of those places where we feel at home and, with these surroundings, you just don’t want to leave. As much as one makes many plans, what wins is the will to just relax in these gardens, to lose sight of this green landscape, to read a book and to cool off in the pool. [Read more…]


Don’t miss a visit to Viaje Comigo – in 2015, Susana Ribeiro was elected best travel blogger at the Lisbon Travel Market (BTL) and, in 2016, she was the only Portuguese blogger selected by the European Commission to participate in the campaign “Europe. Wonder Is All Around“.

(Update on 18/03/2017 – Susana’s website was elected again at BTL as the best travel professional blog in 2017)

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