The Farm

We have here three Garrano horses – Ritinha, Atenas and Ateia. On the horse field, it is possible to horseback ride with Ritinha. It is necessary to book in advance. This is an experience that the younger ones don’t usually resist wink

With about 16 hectares, you can walk or jog on the tracks that cross forest areas and orchards, go through the vegetable garden, the ‘ponds’ of ducks and geese and reach the horse field.

We have a chicken house, led by rooster ‘Elvis’. Geese and ducks also live here. Besides that, just be alert and vigilant to see other wildlife, like beautiful birds and squirrels!

Em cada época, a Quinta fornece-nos (e aos hóspedes!) laranjas, limões, maçãs, cerejas, pêssegos, nêsperas, uvas, morangos, marmelos, castanhas… No auge da produção hortícola, no Verão, temos tomate, courgette, alface, beringela…