Portuguese are really friendly

Three years ago we received a very nice and friendly Dutch couple, at Casa da Raposeira. In 2013, in fact, we only had this guest house available.

And we decided to share their testimony after we re-read the message they have left in the guest book. It ended like this:

Good luck with all your projects; we very much want to know if you will make it to finish the new houses in October and where the pool will be placed (close to the houses, we hope …)!

This was in September and, no, the new guest houses would only be ready in July the following year…

We’d love to see the faces of Marieke & Ivo when they find out that now we have 3 new swimming pools very close to all the houses. wink

They also wrote these words:

Thanks for taking so good care of us during the past week! We loved the opportunity of really talking to Portuguese people (more than just asking the way and not being able to understand …. wink ) We made some amazing trips during the last week (the view from the top of the mountain in Pinhao, the PR1 in Soalhães, visiting Guimarães and Amarante and more!). Thank Ines for the flowers and thanks again for your hospitality, kindness, help and products.

In one of the talks we had with Marieke & Ivo we learned that many Portuguese respond to tourists with great willingness to help and a lot of generosity, but always in Portuguese and often very loud! wink

They sent us the picture above, in which we can only imagine the meals that they made in the evening outside with fresh wine and salads, but they also sent the following images.

Vegetable basket from the vegetable patch :)

Vegetable basket from the vegetable patchsmile

The view from Quinta das Carvalhas, in Pinhão

The view from Quinta das Carvalhas, in Pinhão

At PR2 Cinfães, trekking route on the Bestança river valley

At PR2 Cinfães, trekking route on the Bestança river valley

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