New design, new pools… Summer is really here!

2016 started in a very troubled way with lots of rain and some heavy damage.

There wasn’t much time to think, as the new season approached for more guests, eager to come here for a few quiet and rested days,

Finally, with Summer officially coming, we can show and announce the latest changes and improvements at Quinta da Bouça!

First of all, this page you are reading :) Our website has been redesigned and tidy up. Tell us what you think!

We would like to make this website a reunion point with our previous guests, because their experiences are also part of our memories and the history of Quinta da Bouça. Guests are the ones who leave us the best words of encouragement and offer some of the best tips for future visitors. Therefore, we also want this page to be one of the most beautiful well arranged “window” of the area, so the next to stay here are even more ready for their own experiences.

new pools

Above, Casa da Raposeira’s pool. Down, the pool next to Casa do Sobreiro and Oliveira.

We’ll take advantage of the fresh start for this blog to tell all about the other good news at Quinta da Bouça.

For now, this:

Just in time for the Summer time (arriving, finally …), we have completed the 3 new pools for exclusive use of guests! Casa da Raposeira has a beautiful and simple rectangular pool in the garden. Casa do Sobreiro and Casa da Oliveira have, very close to each other, a spectacular and original polygonal pool. And Casa da Eira has an intimate almost trapezoidal pool.

Believe us, with the construction of the pools and the extension of the rainy season until mid-May, we were more than anxious for the arrival of this Summer wink

Now, we can only keep Quinta da Bouça in shape, as always, the guest houses ready and welcome new visitors! We have swimmers here already. Até breve!

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