Festivities, Markets, Holidays and Sports

region events tâmega sousa douro

In Portugal, many municipalities hold fortnightly outdoor markets. Thus, sellers participate in several markets per month and buyers can visit the ones that are more convenient to them each week. During late Spring and all of the Summer there are more local festivities, themed markets, popular Saints celebrations and sports events. As a traveler, you can […]

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Our recommendations on the map

Untitled design (2)

Here it is gathered on single map the various recommendations we make to our guests. From the nearest useful services (such as cafes, pharmacies, ATM and gas station), as the restaurants, to places to visit for their cultural or landscape interest. Down here, by clicking on the corner symbol, the map sections appear – and […]

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Bye bye, 2017 and Cheers, 2018!

best of 2017 at Quinta da Bouça

For all our guests and friends, we’re sincerely grateful for this great 2017. Pictured aboce are the most popular photos from 2017 on our Instagram feed. It’s really nice to see the highlights of the vacations at Quinta da Bouça – loads of Nature, swimming pools, confortables rooms, great weather and many animals! :) The […]

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Douro SUP Expedition

Gonçalo Figueiredo e Samuel Trimble at Casa do Sobreiro, Quinta da Bouça. Oct 10th 2017

Gonçalo Figueiredo and Samuel Trimble started the Douro SUP Expedition on October 1st and stayed overnight here at Quinta da Bouça on the 10th. We are very happy that we have decided to make this invitation to both them and we are very, very fortunate to have met them personally. Is there anything better than meeting […]

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Seizing Douro river

Enjoy Douro Stand Up Paddle

Douro river is right here nearby and and there’s a huge wish to spend some time seizing it. Guests yearn for the landscapes, the viewpoints, the wine, the hikes, the mountain and the water streams and the river. Enjoy Douro was born in 2016 and it was with them that we debuted in Stand Up […]

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Birdwatching from the window

Birdwatching from the window

Recommended for those who like to relax, sitting in the sun, do birdwatching in your own garden and to taste homemade wine. We stayed 5 nights in Casa da Raposeira. We loved the great hospitality from the hosts and their staff. We got a very warm welcome with wine, a nice packed refrigerator. We where invited […]

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Going out with the Shepherd

Out with the Shepherd

We went out with the shepherd in Aveloso, Cinfães, in the Montemuro Mountain. This is an activity from TurismoRuralDouro website – to watch the gathering of the village’s sheep and goats, to go out to the moutain with the shepherd responsible on that day and to follow the path set by the flock. First of all, […]

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Apiculture: hives, bees and honey

hives quinta da bouça agritourism

This year, for the first time, we have hives in Quinta da Bouça! The vital role of bees in the pollination process is widely recognized. It is also known that hives are incredibly organized colonies with very well defined levels of hierarchy and functions. Our Apiary now has a colonial herd of 4 hives. We’re […]

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What guests say….

word cloud

On this image, the words guests most use to describe their stay at Quinta da Bouça. It’s cute and it makes us very proud  <3 Over the year, we collect opinions, sugestions and comments from tourists that spend their vacation at our villas. This word cloud works as a summary for what they appreciated more. […]

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Spring time is here…

blossom spring 2017 quinta da bouça

Spring is a time of great changes at Quinta da Bouça. The first guests for the next long season are on the way, while we take advantage of the Sun for the Spring cleaning, in the guest houses and outside as well. The vineyards and the apple trees are pruned. The water tanks are being cleaned. […]

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